Are you Living Your Life on Purpose?

Are you Living Your Life on Purpose?


Once a year, I take a few moments to evaluate ‘How am I doing in life?’ I look at each area of my life – relationship, health, financial, spiritual, family and pleasure. I score each area on my level of satisfaction on a scale of 1 to 10.

I envision these categories in a wheel –



As I score them, some are satisfactory – 8 or above. Others are moderate, 6-8. Some stink and are on the low end like 3-4.

When I envision my life in a wheel, I can see the areas I am flat.  And like a wheel on a car or bicycle, a flat side makes for a bumpy ride. It doesn’t matter if I am a 10 financially if I am a 3 in my health or my relationship.

I have done this exercise for 20 plus years. Some years I gain in categories and some years I lose. I think I fluctuate the most in my health. The time and energy to renew your health is still required to maintain it.

What I realize 2 decades later, this exercise has helped me live my life intentionally and with purpose. With a sense of purpose comes a sense of value and well being.

Research is showing that a high sense of purpose in life is associated with improved health. Stated another way, a reduction in risk for cardiovascular events or onset of Alzheimer’s.

I challenge you to evaluate your own ‘Wheel of Life’. You may discover your passion or purpose. You might find areas in your life to tweak and allow you more impact in your purpose.

Live your life on purpose

Improve your well being

Improve your health


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