You still have your job; 

your next mortgage payment or rent is covered; 

you have six months of living expenses in the bank.

What do you do with your stimulus check?  Be intentional – direct it to the checks’ purpose – stimulus.

Help Small Businesses

They are the ones who are impacted the most from the shutdowns.

Spend money with the local businesses you don’t want to lose.  Many are expanding online ordering or are opening by appointment only.

Can you shop at a local bakery versus the busy grocery store?  Go to the neighborhood garden shop versus the superstore?

Restaurants are shifting to curbside and take out options.  I see restaurant owners get creative offering ‘Meals for a Family of four’ or adding a full spread to dessert menus.  I applaud their creativity.  I frequent their places of businesses and tip heavily.  I don’t want to lose these restaurants from my neighborhood.

Keep your memberships – Gyms will reopen, museums are providing digital and virtual experiences, Discovery centers are providing lessons online for parents.  Teachers are doing karate, ballet and piano lessons by Skype or Zoom.  These businesses are making the best of the situation – reward them for their efforts.  Stay engaged.

Donate to charity –   What are you passionate about?  What are issues that are surfacing in your community because of the lockdown?

Food Banks have greater need.  Meals on Wheels is seeing an increase in demand.  This non-profit provides wellness checks – a human voice in the isolation as well as the meal.

When the shelter in place relaxes, we will see an increase in reporting of domestic violence, child abuse and addictions.  Non-profits need the support to prepare for that surge.

When you find a charity that matches your passion, check them out on Charity Navigator.  Be sure they are reputable.  If they are a local charity, you can research about them on Guidestar.

As part of the CARES Act, congress included the ability to deduct $300 to charity as an ‘above the line’ donation.  You don’t have to itemize to take this deduction.  Be intentional and make a $300 donation to a local charity.  

You may not be receiving a stimulus check or it may be delayed into the summer.  However, if you are financially able you can be intentional about providing your own stimulus.  Share on line what you are doing; encourage others to participate.

We are in this Together!


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