Christmas in July

Christmas in July originated in the 1940s, resurfaced in the 1980s, and can now help you manage your holiday time and gift giving budget.

In 1942, a church in Washington D.C. celebrated Christmas in July to collect donations and gifts for missions worldwide.  In those days, lead time was needed to distribute gifts around the globe.

This became an annual event and was broadcast over a local radio station.

In 1944 and 1945, the U.S. Post Office, Army and Navy threw a “Christmas in July” luncheon in New York in conjunction with advertising and greeting card industries.  The goal was to promote an early Christmas mailing campaign for the service men and women overseas in World War II.

The celebration then seems to have disappeared for more than 40 years until it resurfaced in New South Wales.  The story is: Irish tourists pleaded with a hotel owner to celebrate the July winter weather with a Yulefeast.  The innkeeper was persuaded, and the community had such a good time that they made it an annual celebration. This half-Christmas event spread throughout Australia.  Many of the country’s snow resorts still plan special events each year for Christmas in July.

Meanwhile, Bakken, Copenhagen began hosting an annual World Santa Clause Congress in July.  Santa’s & Santa’s helpers come from many countries to gather together to promote their craft.

America has seen Christmas in July celebrated with holiday programs.  Hallmark shows its Christmas movies in July to launch new ornaments.  Many stores have specials for Christmas in July.  TV stations run Christmas specials.  Even Rudolph and Frosty have their own movie about Christmas in July.

Here in Idaho, a local radio station raises donations for families in need, calling it Christmas in July.

You can join the fun by planning for your own holiday.  My focus for Christmas in July is to start planning for Christmas by July.  I begin looking for gifts on sale; I save for the expenses of Christmas so the holiday is celebrated debt free.

My goal is to have my shopping done by the end of October.  I wrap during the month of November and mail the first week of December. This makes the holiday less hectic.

Preparing ahead also allows me to respond to the needs of others that occur during the holidays.  Many programs are raising funds and gifts for families in need at this time of year.

This year our office will again support local veteran families with Christmas gifts.  Begin your Christmas in July so you can enjoy a more generous and less hectic holiday.


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