Goal Busters

At this time, you have evaluated your wheel of life and decided where you need to focus extra attention.  You have set goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and have a deadline.  So why do so many people give up after only a few weeks into a new resolution?

Unsupportive Friends – Be careful with whom you share your dreams, visions and goals.  Not everybody will see what you see.  Some people may rain on your parade.  It is helpful to find your cheerleaders who will encourage you to keep going, applaud the little successes.

The hardest challenge is if your closest friends aren’t your cheerleaders.  ‘It is hard to soar like an eagle when you are surrounded by turkeys.’  You may need to find a new group of friends that can support your endeavor.  This may be very simple – if you find a local interest group that has the interests that align with your goals.

Writing Your Goals Down – Studies have shown the success for achieving goals goes up dramatically if you write them down.     I find visualization fuels the passion and keeps you pressing towards your goals.  Find pictures of your dream/goals and place them on a wall, dream board or notebook.    I have a notebook with sections for each of my spokes of the wheel of life.

Speak Only Positive Words – If you say “This will never happen.”  Or “I will never get this done.”  You are right.  If you proclaim, “My dream will happen.”  Or “I can do this.”  You are right.

There is death and life in the power of the tongue.  Be careful of what you speak about yourself or your dreams and goals.  Those off hand remarks like “I am so stupid” or “I am such a klutz” are destructive.  They aren’t as innocent as they may seem.

When Jim Carey was an unknown “wanna” be actor, he had a dream book.  He knew he wanted to be a world famous actor.  Not only did he have a dream book, he went regularly to the hills overlooking Hollywood and proclaimed his dream.  And the rest is history.

Review Your Goals – Keeping focused on your goals helps you take action, do things that move you toward your dreams.    Professing your successful completion of your goals daily helps you stay focused, helps you visualize and keep the passion burning.

Periodically you need to review your progress.  I look at that quarterly.  What steps do I want to have done in the next 3 months?  Those are measurable, keep them realistic and achievable.  Based on how I did for the quarter, I set the goals for the next quarter.

I don’t beat myself up, if I fall short.  Life happens, issues come up, distractions occur.  But where would I be if I didn’t have a compass to keep me focused on what I have determined to be important.

We will always be a cheerleader for you – especially for your financial goals.

Stay tuned for Financial Goal Setting!


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