MAP – New Year Resolutions, Part 2

Finding your WHY in achieving your goals is important. But so is having a MAP – Manageable Action Plan.

  • You need to clearly state what you want to accomplish and by when.
  • Write out your WHY and review it regularly – especially when you feel discouraged.
  • Break down the goal into steps to accomplish.
  • Begin to do something right away – Start Now – Find the Lead Domino. What is the one thing that, if you did that, everything else would fall into place?

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I have struggled with my office in my home. Papers accumulate easily. I have tried to implement a couple of systems without success. I realize the prime real estate – my file cabinet – held training material from multiple workshops I had presented 10-20 years prior. I am reluctant to dispose of it because I can see it being used again. However, it doesn’t need to be stored in the file cabinet. I moved the paperwork into boxes and put it with my archived records. It was like the dam burst. Papers of importance found a home in the file cabinet – and the “stuff” in my office disappeared.

Evaluating your progress is the last step in your MAP. It may also then become the first step.

Review your progress. Write down what the issues are that you are encountering. Do you need to modify your steps because of new information you discovered?

I am trying a tip I heard on monitoring goals. I am using a calendar to mark days I did my exercise routine with bright pink; yellow on days I am able to add the gym; green on days I include a walk; and blue on a day of rest. But if I miss a day where I don’t do any exercise and it isn’t a day of rest, then the color is black. I can see at a glance how consistent I am being. Little bits done consistently brings incremental change over time.

Every job has tasks we don’t like to do. It is important to keep those in balance with the more enjoyable parts of our jobs. Another change I am making this year is celebrating the completion of tasks.

2016 was a heavy technology year, as we developed new systems to implement in 2017.

This is the kind of stuff that drains me of energy. Last year I went from one task to the next – working through my MAP. I was finishing one energy-draining task only to begin an equally stressful one. Telling myself that this was a necessary season was losing its appeal, and I began to understand how burnout can happen.

As I continue to work on my goals, both personal and professional, making time for energy-sustaining activities, such as pedicures, massages, and lunch with friends is essential to my overall health.

2017 will be a year of celebrating the progress we are making in our MAP. I give you permission to ask me to ask me what we are doing – because accountability is another tool for maintaining New Year resolutions.


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