Summer News Letter

Summer may finally be arriving! The swings in temperatures have left us with what I call “Weather Whiplash”. Having an office near the river has led me to appreciate the weather fluctuations. Too much heat too fast and the greenbelt will be flooded.

The Summer Newsletter is published, and can be found on our website “”.

This issue includes:

• Global Growth – Europe and Asia are seeing growth along with the United States.

• Where are the industries excelling? Technology will continue to be a driving force in nearly every area of our lives.

• Since the Great Recession, people are managing their debt better. There is less credit card debt yet more student loans. Unfortunately, we can’t say that about the US Government. We are about to hit the next debt ceiling again. Anticipate heated partisan rhetoric.

• A new graduating class brings another round of college financial aid planning. Who owns the 529 plan, student or parent or grandparent impacts your expected family contribution.

You can get the full newsletter at the following link:

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Happy Reading!


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