What is Your Guiding Word for 2020?

What is Your Guiding Word for 2020?

What do you want to see happen in the coming 12 months? What would you like your year to look like?

If you choose one word for what you desire this coming year, what would it be? Choosing a few words – no more than 5 – to describe the compass you want for the year is gaining popularity. It is replacing New Year’s Resolutions.

This one-word guides choices you make; activities you do, and decisions in your life. Keeping this word front and center each day allows small changes to occur over time. Having goals is good yet can be difficult for creating behavior changes. What goals would you choose for being happy? Happiness is a mindset and a daily choice.

I got excited when I encountered this guiding word concept. I took a class recently on behavioral finances. One tool used is choosing 5 words that reflect your top values. Financial decisions should be made against this background. Choosing a word to be your compass for the year seemed natural.

How do you choose your Word?

Take a moment of reflection. What did last year look like? What would you like to see be different — How would you like to grow?

Visualize what you want the coming year to look like. You may even want to create a dream board. What is the pattern of words that are emerging?

Brainstorm words. Write down everything that comes to you. Keep a running list for a week. What word resonates, inspires you, or feels right?

You want a word that will challenge you but not drive you crazy. Don’t feel compelled to focus on your biggest problem area. That can require massive effort and you could end up back at unfulfilled New Year’s Resolutions. Slow and steady wins the race.

The word should give you clarity. Try writing a few sentences with your word. Describe what transformation you see taking place. What does the word mean to you?

Be true to yourself. Use words that feel right; empower you. Your word only needs to make sense to you. Afterall it’s your guiding compass.

Last year was a difficult year for me with several eye surgeries. It was difficult to keep up with work – never knowing when a headache would occur or how severe. My word for last year was endurance. And it has left me with problem areas that need attention. Yet if I use words like structure, order, goals, I feel flat and lifeless – need or not.

The Word I chose for this year is Adventure! Try new things, go to new places, new restaurants. I’m making a list of ideas, checking resources that have events listed.

Our office is going to plug into the National Day of the Year and promote fun and encouraging activities. Watch our Facebook posts!

When I think of this word, I feel energized and excited. I know this will spill over into other areas of my life. Areas that need attention will be benefited with this indirect focus.

Life changes will come keeping this guiding word front and center. Put it where you’ll see it daily – wallpaper for laptop, tablet or phone, bathroom mirror, and car.


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