Financial Planning and Management Services

Retirement Counseling: How much is enough? Are you maximizing your benefits? Maintaining flexibility? What are you retiring to?
Investment Analysis: Does your portfolio match your risk profile? Is it balanced? Are there any underperforming investments?
Cash-Flow Management: Do you have a spending plan? What are your goals? Are you concerned about out-living your money?
Financial Planning: What is the big picture? How can you blend your life goals?
Insurance Review: What are your employer benefits? What happens when you can’t work?
Divorce Settlement Planning: How can a difficult transition have win-win solutions?
Long Term Care: How can you protect your assets from being consumed by assisted living costs? What are your options?
Estate Planning: How can you minimize estate taxes? How can you ensure your assets will be distributed according to your wishes?

Financial Products, Services and Portfolio

After creating a plan and setting financial goals, how can you choose the best financial service offering to get there? As Financial Planners in Boise ID, Peggy Farnworth CPA, CFP can help narrow options based upon your needs, evaluate feasibility reports and study risk-to-benefit options, so together the best investment strategy is formed. Peggy offers account set-up and management for:

*Securities and advisory services through KMS Financial Services, Inc.