Retirement planning can be an overwhelming process.  You will be making dozens of decisions—some irrevocable.  Peggy Farnworth can help you avoid pitfalls, maximize your life experiences, and stretch your dollars to meet your individual budget needs.  Retirement is a time when the fruits of your labor should be fully enjoyed, a chapter where you reap the rewards of your years of dedication and hard work.  It is an opportunity to embrace newfound freedom, chase passions, and savor the simple pleasures that may have eluded you during your working years.  However, this idyllic vision can only become reality through careful planning and foresight. Planning for this time of our lives allows us to take control of our financial destiny, affording us the peace of mind that we deserve. Additionally, planning for this empowers us to take advantage of various investment vehicles and financial strategies that can grow our wealth and secure our future. The power of compounding interest, tax-efficient savings, and diversification of investments are just a few concepts that, when utilized strategically, can maximize our retirement nest egg.

What should you be thinking about for retirement?

Peggy L. Farnworth CPA, CFP, CSA is prepared to assist you in making the right decisions as you plan and when you transition into your retirement years. Call for a private complimentary consultation at 208-343-7777.