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Slow Down a Hacker: Use Two-factor Authentication Guide

Posted by on Oct 9, 2019

Slow Down a Hacker:   Use Two-factor Authentication Guide   Two-factor authentication (sometimes called two-step verification) is an extra security measure you can place on certain of your accounts. When enabling this feature, you will have to enter a short-lived one-time code (sent to your phone or device) after submitting your username and password. This process adds an extra layer of security to your account—even if a hacker knows your username and password, they cannot log into your account without the one-time code that is sent to your phone. You need two-factor authentication enabled...

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Can you benefit from a Health Savings Account?

Posted by on Sep 24, 2019

Can you benefit from a Health Savings Account? Health Savings Accounts (HSA) are designed for a triple tax benefit.         1. Contributions are tax deductible         2. Accounts can grow tax free. (You can accumulate dollars in this account.)         3. Disbursements for qualified medical expenses are tax free. Health Savings Accounts are growing in popularity. The total number of HSAs grew to 25 million in 2018, up 13% from 2017 according to Devenir Research. Many financial advisors are using them as another savvy strategy for stashing money away for your retirement years. To qualify for...

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How to Thrive in an Empty Nest

Posted by on Sep 11, 2019

How to Thrive in an Empty Nest Parents are returning home from dropping their child off at college. It’s a bittersweet experience. Parents are filled with pride, and excitement, as well as sadness. Some parents feel like they have lost their job and are wondering, what now? As a parent you have a new chapter unfolding in your life. Recognize and accept the feelings of grief. This is another step in letting go of your child. This can feel like a loss. Be open in communicating your feelings with your spouse. This is a season where both parents and children are finding new roles. Much planning...

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Are you Living Your Life on Purpose?

Posted by on Jul 15, 2019

Are you Living Your Life on Purpose?   Once a year, I take a few moments to evaluate ‘How am I doing in life?’ I look at each area of my life – relationship, health, financial, spiritual, family and pleasure. I score each area on my level of satisfaction on a scale of 1 to 10. I envision these categories in a wheel –     As I score them, some are satisfactory – 8 or above. Others are moderate, 6-8. Some stink and are on the low end like 3-4. When I envision my life in a wheel, I can see the areas I am flat.  And like a wheel on a car or bicycle, a flat side makes for a bumpy ride. It doesn’t...

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4 Ways to Feel More at Home in Your Home

Posted by on May 14, 2019

4 Ways to Feel More “At Home” in Your Home Do you feel “at home” in your home? Your home is often the biggest financial purchase you’ll ever make. But is it also giving you the emotional payoffs you hope for? Your home is an important part of your financial plan because we have to consider your rent or mortgage, utility bills, maintenance, and taxes as part of your monthly and long-term financial picture. But to get the best life possible with the money you have, your home should also be a safe place that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. Here are four things to consider...

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Do’s and Don’t’s of Bailing Out Adult Children

Posted by on Apr 23, 2019

Do’s and Don’t’s of Bailing Out Adult Children   75% of parents supported adult children with living expenses or paying their debt reports That is money, you may not see again. That is money you may need for your own retirement. Will the adult child you are bailing out, help you in your retirement years? Before you write a check: DO ask specifically what the money is for. There is a delicate balance between not embarrassing your child over their financial ‘crisis’ and cutting off communication when they encounter other ‘life’ situations. Yet it is also important to...

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