Client Quarterly Summer 2019

We got to observe the growth of a pair of baby owls on the greenbelt this Spring. We also observed on eagle’s nest with mama and occasional glimpses of baby while visiting Washington.

The time period to moving young out of the nest is much shorter than people. Hopefully, kids get some secondary training whether college or vocational schools. Too often that training comes with student loans.

This quarter’s newsletter addresses student loan and debt forgiveness. What is the best approach to pay for college?

Other topics include:
• Are Municipal bonds back in favor? Do they belong in your portfolio?

• The tariff saga continues.

• Social Security – paper report or electronic? Register for “my social security” account and prevent identity theft.

Check out these and other articles in the summer newsletter. (LINK)

Happy Ready!

Peggy Farnworth, CPA, CFP, CSA


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