Retirement Trap: RV’s and Trailers

Retirement Trap:  RV’s and Trailers


Lower gas prices and an influx of retirees has led to more purchases of RV’s and Trailers. This can be a more economical way to travel the country.

Before you spend big $$ on this purchase, try renting a unit. See if you have the RV personality, to live in smaller quarters, limited privacy, changing neighbors and RV parks and driving long distances pulling your mobile home.

Many couples have enjoyed seeing the country pulling their lodging with them. Many set goals to see all the national parks and surrounding areas, or traveling to see all 50 states.

Yet renting before buying helps you determine if the RV life is for you. Resale of trailers is more difficult than selling your house. I have yet to see one at a profit. I have only seen large losses.

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Photo credit: nocibomber via / CC BY-NC





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