CIA – New Year Resolutions, Part 1

fourteen-2014-new-year-s-resolutions-for-progressives-and-one-for-wwqxn7-clipartAmericans are evenly split over making New Year resolutions.

• 41% make New Year resolutions

• 42% absolutely never make New Year resolutions

• 17% infrequently make New Year resolutions

Which category do you fall into?

I think I am more in the making New Year resolutions camp. I like personal coach and mentor Doug Addison’s philosophy – CIA – Continued Improvement Always.

Goals help you narrow your focus and attention. Your daily activities become more intentional, deflecting disruption and activities that are not productive. In a season of limited energy, I avoid activities that don’t fit into my overall mission and purpose.

Goals have more effect if they are founded on issues that resonate with your values. You have to find the WHY behind the goal. Many resolutions are a healthier lifestyle. Which will motivate you to stay the course to lose weight?

• You will look better

• Your clothes will fit better / you get new clothes

• Changes will give you more energy

• Your health is at extreme risk

We all have seen lifestyle changes occur in people who have had their very existence threatened. They have found their WHY. Yet others who have experienced heart attacks or other life threatening experiences, can continue on destructive behavior patterns. Continuing in comfortable patterns is easier. They haven’t found their WHY.

My observation in the financial arena is that people become more focused and intentional in preparing for retirement when they hit 50. Retirement is more tangible than when they were 30. Their WHY just got a lot stronger.

Finding your WHY helps you stay the course when it gets tough and when you hit plateaus.

Nearly 30% of people quit after the first week in a new resolution. By six months, over half have quit pursuing their goals.

My next blog will discuss creating a MAP – Manageable Action Plan.


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